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The following are the names of the rioters in the Sixth ward taken to the Tombs on Saturday night.
Patrick Moony, 82 Mulberry street.
Patrick Moon, 46 Essex street.
Frank Fitzpatrick, 66 Mulberry street.
Edward Dryer, 39 Mulberry street.
William Gill, 33 Baxter street.
Owen Gilmartin, 94 Baxter street.
James Lane, Baxter street.
Jeremiah Ellis, 51 Mulberry street.
homas McGarvey, 61 Center street
1.  Michael Foley, about 14 years of age, residing with his mother at 119 Mulberry street, while in Bayard street near the Bowery, during the fight on Saturday, received the contents of a pistol below the right eye immediately by the side of the nose.  He ran through the Bowery crying, “Oh, where’s the doctor – where’s the doctor?” until he was taken up and conveyed into the drug store corner of Canal street and the Bowery where it was ascertained that the ball had gone through the roof of his mouth, and become secreted under the tongue.  It is thought that he cannot survive.
2.  Michael Cunningham, a boy residing at 81 Mulberry street, was shot in the fleshy part of the thigh while running from the corner of Mott to the corner of Elizabeth street.  He was taken home by his friends.
3.  Timothy Higgins, residing at No. 11 Mulberry street was shot through the hip while engaged in the row on the corner of Mulberry and Bayard streets.
4.   – A man named P. Rohan, of Mulberry street, was shot near No. 96 Bayard street by a man who discharged a gun at him.  The ball took effect, and the wound is considered fatal.
5.  – One of the rioters, named Mack, was shot on the top of the head in Mulberry street by one of the opposite party.  His injuries will probably prove fatal.
6.  James Jenkins, one of the newly sworn special policemen, while proceeding to the scene of the riot in company with the first fifty policemen, was struck on the head with a brickbat thrown from the top of the houses in Bayard street.  He was taken to the Hospital in an insensible condition.
7.  Thomas C. Smith, one of the outsiders, said to belong to the Dead Rabbits, residing at 51 Anthony street, stabbed in the testicles in a very serious manner.  He was taken up by his friends and conveyed to the City Hospital.
8.  Thomas Walsh, a gunshot wound and bone broken in Bayard street, while in the act of shooting off a musket at the Bowery boys.
9.  Patrick Kain, wounded in kneecap by gunshot.  Bone shattered very badly.
10.  Cornelius Mahoney, boy, gunshot wound in the head.  Since died.
11.  Patrick Leary, gunshot wound through the lungs, dangerously in Bayard street.
12.  James Mornon, policeman, wounded in the head by brickbats and clubs.  Dangerous.
13.  Morris Higgins, shot in the shoulder.
14.  William Buckley,  shot in the thigh, in Bayard street, boy.
15.  Jovine PoveKing, powder burns in the face, Baxter street.
16.  John H. Johnson, gunshot wound in the leg in Bayard street, boy.
17.  Michael Towey, gunshot wound in the leg, boy.
18.  Michael Foley, injured in Bayard street, boy; shot in the face, ball still in.
19.  Timothy Higgins, brother of Morris, shot in the abdomen, and is likely to die.
20.  Wm. Borland, shot in the leg – a compound fracture of the thigh.
21.  John S. Chambers, stabbed in Canal street.
22.  Johnson Haviland, a special policeman, was beaten in the head until demented. Lives at 121 West twenty-sixth street.  Was found in that state at 11 o’clock.
23.  Isaac A. Latta, special Metropolitan, cut in the head badly.
24.  A. K. Cronan, a special policeman, badly cut in the head.
25.  Joseph Carr, living at 91 Mulberry street, mortally wounded.
26.  J. B. McCauley, residing at 19 Mulberry street, very seriously injured.
27.  Morris Conrey, 22 years of age, residing at 22 Mulberry street, shot through the fleshy part of the thigh.
28.  Wm. Pentony, residing at 121 Hudson street, about 32 years of age, received a mortal wound through the head while sitting at a window looking through the blinds at the fighting, of house 78 Bayard street, at which house he had called on a visit.  He was a cutter in Devlin clothing store.
29.  Frank Gloss, residing at 53 Mulberry street, was shot through the arms slightly.
30.  Gilbert Gloss, residing at the same place, was wounded in the neck slightly.
31.  Thomas Hartey, residing at 53 Mulberry street, was shot through the back of the neck.
32.  Patrick Ross, residing at 194 Varick street, about 18 years of age, was badly injured in the body by a all.
33.  William Chile, residing at No. 5 Mulberry street, mortally wounded.
34.  Wm. B. Nehland, struck with a ball in Baxter street.
35.  Hubbard, a special policeman.
36.  Philip Hedly, a wound in the head.
37.  Ashem, head badly cut.
38.  Harvey Hitchcock, of the Seventeenth ward police, mortally wounded.
39.  James Dodd, special policeman, shot in the leg.

Total known to be killed or injured, thirty-nine, besides whom there were many injured and conveyed from the ground by other friends, whose names we could not ascertain.


The following is a correct list of those known to be dead up to 11 o’clock last night: -

1.  Wm. Cahill, residing at No. 6 mulberry street.
2.  Patrick Roehan, residing at 194 Varick street.
3.  Wm. Pentoney, residing at 128 Hudson street.
4. Cornelius Mahoney, residing at 119 Mulberry street.
5.  Barnard, keeper of a barber shop in Whitehall street.
6.  One unknown man at Bellevue Hospital.
7.  Cornelius Mahoney, boy

These were all that were dead up to twelve o’clock last night, although many reports were in circulation throughout the day  (yesterday) that from ten to twelve were dead and from forty to fifty wounded.  We were happy to state that such is not the case.
The bottles, houses, signs, stoops, &c., in Bayard street and vicinity of the fight, were in some places completely riddled with balls from pistols and guns, presenting altogether the appearance of a well riddled target.  The streets and sidewalks were also filled with broken stones, fragments of brickbats, &c., &c., the remnants of the riot.
From the NEW YORK HERALD, Morning Edition – Tuesday, July 7, 1857.
In consequence of some slight inaccuracies which occurred in our list of the killed and wounded yesterday we have thought it necessary to republish the following carefully corrected list of all the sufferers in the late riots in the Sixth ward on Saturday and Sunday: -


1. – William Cahill, a native of Ireland, 28 years of age, residing at No. 5 Mulberry street.
2. – Patrick Roughan, a native of Ireland, 27 years of age , residing at 194 Varick Street.
3. – Cornelius Mahoney (boy), a native of Ireland, 14 years of age, residing at 119 Mulberry street.
4. – William Pentony, a native of England, 28 years of age, residing at 123 Hudson street.
5. – Henry Lantenberger,  a native of Germany, about 40 years of age.  The body of deceased was identified at Bellevue Hospital yesterday.
6. – J. J. Barnard, a native of Germany, lately residing at 30 Whitehall street, aged about 30 years.  The deceased was identified at Bellevue Hospital by his widow.
7.  – William Buckley, (boy), died at New York Hospital yesterday.
8. – Timothy Higgins.  The deceased died at the Hospital last evening.


[43 names are entered here describing their nationalities,  various injuries and their residences]


The following is a correct list of names of all the rioters who were arrested on Saturday and Sunday, and who are now confined awaiting trial: -


Barney Gallagher                             Edward Dyer
Bernard McGowan                          William Gill
Patrick McBride                               Owen Gilmartin
Owen Kivlin                                     James Lane
Patrick Moony                                 Jeremiah Ellis
Patrick Noone                                  Thom. McGarvey
Frank Fitzpatrick                              James Jumy


Henry Herman                                  Frederick Iras
Henry Euler                                      Margaret Turner
Lawrence Schaffer                           Josephine Herman

                AND EIGHTH AVENUE.

Patrick Leonard                                Andrew Murray
Koegan Holland                               Edward bryan
John Kinney


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